This event presents an exciting opportunity for those in the QSR, fast Casual and café industry to converge, share ideas, thoughts and inspiration. At this event, we will map the landscape of consumer rends, from what’s new and hot, to what’s on the way out. We will explore what needs to be on the radar of operators to best prepare for future success.

At the Fast Food & Cafe Convention, attendees will get access to unique sessions, leader speak and round tables, aimed at addressing the concerns, opportunities and best practices of this growing industry.

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    Day 1
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10:10 Setting the Flavour Palate
Insights from Two Cross-Disciplinary Tastemakers

Insights from Two Cross-Disciplinary Tastemakers

11:00 Sustainability and Responsible Innovation
a Challenge to the Status Quo?

It’s all about trust in today’s hyper-aware world, and with a global shift towards conscious and sustainable living, it is time for age-old mindsets and practices to change. How can brands incorporate this value into their business models and serve more mindfully? It’s time to start talking about the smaller aspects of the process that will spearhead big change

Coffee Break

12:30 Foodamental Tech Talks
Partnered sessions

Unlock top technological trends and best practices at these fast paced sessions. Stay up to speed on what’s out there with regards to tech tools.

15:50 Negotiating with Aggregators

A legal perspective of the key elements to look out for when in talks with aggregators.

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16:30 Reigning in the “Spoilt-for-Choice”
Consumer with Loyalty Programs

How is loyalty changing in the face of competition and is your brand image boosting customer loyalty? Do loyalty programs still have a place in driving customers? A deeper understanding of the type of loyalty useful to your brand's offerings as well as utilizing effective strategies and channels to engage the correct demographic may be the key to leveraging the full potential of loyalty programs in this climate of choice overload.

14:30 An Emerging Tug-of-War between Customer Convenience vs. Experience
Breakout Session

What constitutes the customer experience when it's limited to the delivery guy showing up with the food? Do customers give better value for brands when they can visit, experience and interact or when the offerings fit conveniently into their day? In a world moving away from human touch points with the advent of cloud kitchens and AI based food solutions, it is important to keep in mind the compromise made on experience for convenience and vice versa.

14:30 Followers to Footfall – Bridging the Gap
Breakout Session

The internet as a platform may have created a space for social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies that are flourishing - but does the online engagement truly reflect the offline gains? Maintaining one's reputation amidst the flux of online opinions about one's brand can be hard enough without bad reviews triggering off a herd mentality - so how do you ensure that your digital presence translates into customers at your store? Could innovation in offline marketing strategies take root in today's online world?

14:30 Raising Money – Hook the Investor!
Breakout Session

A rookie mistake in the startup world is not knowing what an investor is looking for, and can result in you being caught terribly off-guard - a moment that can break your chances of sealing the deal. How can you prepare for this and pack in a strong, positive impression of your business to potential investors? And what is it that various types of investors are even looking for?

Our Past Speakers

Director Business Operations West
    General Manager Retail Operations
      President Business Development
        President - NRAI, Founder & CEO - The Beer Cafe
          Vice President - Operations & Marketing
            Country Director South Asia
              Director Business Operations West
                  Some of Our Past Participants

                  Media Center

                  • Saurabh Kalra, McDonalds India

                    Engaging & inspiring conference with cross pollination of ideas & thoughts between industry leaders. A must attend event for all Cafe and Restaurant employees and owners to push ourselves and think beyond, in order to make the Fast Food & Cafe industry achieve its full potential

                  • Kunal Yadav, McCain

                    Focused event… provided an excellent platform to have business discussions with owners, operators and key decision makers.

                  • KA Madappa Krispy Kreme

                    Congratulations on a job well done. It was a terrific event being the first of its kind

                  • Anahita Dhondy, Sodabottleopenerwala

                    I am so glad to be part of it. Thanking you and looking forward to more events in the future

                  • Rajesh Chowdhary, T&S Brass

                    This event was organized and conducted very professionally. It was very informative and a great networking platform

                  • Himanshu Mehta, KFC India

                    It was a pleasure being there. The convention had interesting discussions and potential of some good partnerships.

                  • Shashank Shekhar Sharma, Chai Point

                    Extremely well woven event, great participation and well curated sessions.

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