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How much of product customization have you done in order to cater to the Indian palate? What are the new products in the offing for the Indian market? Each market has its own unique requirements. As a global brand selling in more than 160 markets, McCain is committed to “drinking the local wine”. While we have many internationally acclaimed winning products, we have also launched a slew of products adapted to Indian taste and palate. Some prominent products include the Chilli Garlic Potato Pops, Vege Nuggets, Potato Cheese Shots, Aloo Tikki etc. In fact, McCain Aloo Tikki was bestowed with the prestigious SIAL d’Or Country Award in 2010 in Paris. Again, we are continuously researching and listening to our customers. We also have a strong fully staffed R&D Centre which encapsulates our research findings and creates new products based on customer and consumer preferences. At this point in time, we are working on newer Indian variants of the McCain Smiles, amongst other new directions. To what extent does McCain use data analytics to transform the way business is done? Data for us is sacrosanct. We categorize our market into segments and sub-segments and drill down sales of McCain products down to the operator level. We use this data to drive meaningful and business driven conversations with our customers and distributors with the aim of adding to their business Innovations in product or processes or both? What do you believe in? Both, innovation and processes are two sides of the same coin and complement each other. Processes define the contours for innovations. All our products are developed basis either market insights or customer brief. However, no innovation can be commercialized unless a strong Stage-Gate Process, involving cross functional teams, is followed.

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