What does ‘Food Innovation’ mean to you? How have you been keeping up with this ‘trend’? Food innovation is the most significant factor determining the success of an F&B brand. At LBF we feel, innovation is not just creating something new to excite the consumer but also reviving something existing with an interesting spin. For
How much of product customization have you done in order to cater to the Indian palate? What are the new products in the offing for the Indian market? Each market has its own unique requirements. As a global brand selling in more than 160 markets, McCain is committed to “drinking the local wine”. While we
Q: How long have you been in the Indian market and what are the plans you have for this market? A: Coates Group has been present in India for over 3 years now. We currently have Kiosk manufacturing and assembly units within the market and we seek to further invest in local manufacturing within India.
1:The F&B Industry has the highest failure rate.  According to you, what are the two most important survival tactics in this highly competitive industry? The F&B industry’s closure rate of restaurants in India is significantly lower than the global averages and those in South East Asia.  Given that, there are an increasing number of restaurants