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Q: How long have you been in the Indian market and what are the plans you have for this market? A: Coates Group has been present in India for over 3 years now. We currently have Kiosk manufacturing and assembly units within the market and we seek to further invest in local manufacturing within India. We aim to provide unrivalled service and product offerings within the local market and create game-changing customer experience. By the near future, we plan to have a world class innovation centre in India. Q: I understand that you have data driven merchandising platforms. Could you explain how you apply data and how you distinguish yourself from other digital signage companies? A: Our in-house built content management system, Switchboard, uses real time data and rich analytics to strengthen individual connections. It differs from others within the industry due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with POS, CRM, Beacons and wi-fi. Users will be able to easily utilise and control multiple platforms which can show dynamic content driven by data and analytics. Q: How do you think your digital platform can help the Indian QSR market? A: With more than 50 years of experience, Coates promises an unrivalled execution of engaging, personalised experience for every customer. From design, engineering and manufacture, through installation and support, we are with our customer at every step of the way. Through the use of the Coates digital platforms, Indian QSR’s will see improved the customer buying experience, automated upsell processes, as well as increased efficiency in store operations. We pride ourselves on constantly challenging the industry norm to redefine how businesses connect with their consumers. Q: Coates Group is present across different markets internationally, with similar products and service delivery. Have you had to customize to cater to cultural differences? How much of customization do you foresee in the Indian context? A: Although there are companies that provide clients with hardware or software, there are only a few that provide the entire end-to-end digital merchandising solution. Our CMS, Switchboard, and our hardware offerings seamlessly integrate with any existing hardware and software respectively, to provide the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

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