• Rohit Aggarwal
What does ‘Food Innovation’ mean to you? How have you been keeping up with this ‘trend’? Food innovation is the most significant factor determining the success of an F&B brand. At LBF we feel, innovation is not just creating something new to excite the consumer but also reviving something existing with an interesting spin. For instance, how we bring cuisines from all across the world for our consumers and customise it to suit their palate. In a nutshell, food innovation is all about creating balance, understanding the flavour and reinventing it to create a sweet spot for consumers. Do you think the consumer today is open to experiment? How can you keep the consumer engaged and offer better and better offerings? Nowadays we feel that consumers are spoilt for choice and therefore open to experiment more than ever. This has been further fuelled by an increase in spending capacities. An ideal combination of quality, consistency and innovation will never fail to engage a consumer in the long run. What do you think are the cornerstones of a successful brand? When a consumer keeps coming back to your outlet, you know you are channelizing your energies in the right direction. Creating loyal consumer base, generating organic word of mouth and demand for expansion are some of the key cornerstones of a successful brand. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs in this evolving ecosystem? My advice to entrepreneurs is that a creative and innovative thought must be substantiated with effective planning. Focus and invest in a sustainable model and ensure deep understanding of the pulse of the market and related sensitivities. What are you most looking forward to at the ‘Fast Food & Café Convention’? Through this initiative, we are looking forward to further strengthening the mode of communication between food entrepreneurs & think tanks and overall bringing the F&B industry closer.

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